Record Storage

Record Management

From the start, we initiate record management of your records, complete with systematic box indexing and optional file indexing. This eases the process of properly locating your records in the future.

When storing records at Superior Data Storage, clients fill out an inventory sheet to provide a complete description of the contents of each box. Next, every box is indexed and entered into our computer system. Boxes can then be easily retrieved from our facilities by searching for information, such as name, identification number, date, or other unique descriptor. Our flexibility allows inter-filing, so records can be added to a box already in storage.

We track the history of each box, maintaining data on when the box was initially received, dates when it was delivered to the client and returned to the facility, and the scheduled date of destruction.

We provide services to ensure that your record storage and accessibility is easy and efficient. Records management includes services such as Pick-Up, Drop-Off and Delivery, Scheduled Relocation and Rotation and Record Destruction.

Forms Management

Utilizing our Sprinkler Shield, we store and manage our customers' forms inventories. Items such as envelopes, blank check stock and invoices are stored on pallet shelving and the inventory of forms is managed. Timely delivery of forms is a simple matter of calling us to make arrangements. Forms can be delivered directly from customer suppliers to our location.

Pick Up, Drop Off and Delivery

Our pick up, drop off, and delivery services are available on demand or through prior scheduling and are available day or night seven days a week.

You are welcome to pick up or drop off your records at our facility. We are available for record pick-ups and drop-offs from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on weekdays. If you choose to pick up your records from our location, they will be ready for you within 30 minutes of your request.

We deliver and pick up records at any time, any day of the week. Record deliveries will arrive at your location within two hours and same-day delivery is standard. Our transport services follow two scheduled pick up and delivery routes and strive to keep wait time to a minimum. If records must be shipped, faxed, scanned, or emailed, we are also able to accommodate these requests.

Scheduled Relocation and Rotation

As the need arises, we can plan and execute the relocation of large or small quantities of boxes on request. We accommodate scheduled rotations of backup media to and from your location to our facility. To ensure safe delivery and return, we use various sizes and types of customer furnished media transport cases to securely and safely store the media for travel. During travel, our delivery vehicles are locked and secured at all times.

Record Destruction

As scheduled destruction dates draw near, we will create destruction date reports for your review. It is only after you have reviewed and approved boxes for destruction that will we destroy the contents. Planned destruction dates are set to each client's specifications and can be changed at any time.


Our prices for record storage are based on the size of the box. The typical storage box is 1.20 cubic feet and other common sizes are 2.0 and 2.5 cubic feet. For specific pricing information, please contact our office.

We accept records in boxes of all sizes and materials, as long as they are in good condition.

Box Size Standard
Box Size Medium
Box Size Large

Storage Boxes

The size of storage boxes you provide for your records is never an issue. However, the boxes must be sturdy enough to withstand movement and handling. In some cases, we encourage replacement of boxes that are worn, damaged, or appear unable to withstand normal handling.

We provide very affordable, double-walled storage boxes for purchase as needed. These boxes are extremely durable and withstand general movement and stacked weight.