Record Storage

Q: Will I need to keep a record of the contents of my boxes?

A: Not necessarily. With the completion of the box inventory sheet, we can provide a complete listing of your boxes and their contents. We can search for boxes based on the information fields completed on the inventory sheet.

Q: Will my records boxes be located together?

A: We strive to locate customer records together but cannot guarantee it. However, we assign a unique identifying number to each box, which serves as the box location code and makes them easy to find. Some customers have told us that they feel that spreading the boxes out in our warehouse lowers the risk of damage to records. We have never lost a customer box or been unable to locate a customer box that was in our care.

Q: Who has access to my records?

A: We will access your records by your request. Each customer provides us with a list of individuals that are authorized to access or request records. This list can also include the use of passwords, call back verification, or the use of employee identification badges. Individuals authorized by you also have access to your records when escorted by one of our employees.

Q: Can you handle departmental reporting?

A: Yes, we can provide department reporting and billing if required.

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Shredding Services

Q: Do you offer on-site or mobile shredding?

A: We do not offer on-site or mobile shredding. We shred to smaller widths and crosscut to sizes normally unavailable by mobile shredding. We feel this is a better option for the complete destruction of records. We can pick up your records or you can deliver them to our facility.

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Q: How is billing handled?

A: We bill the first of every month. The bill includes services for the prior month and storage for the current month.

Q: Do you accept credit or debit card payments?

A: Yes.

Q: Are our records insured?

A: Our insurance does not cover your records directly. Our employees are bonded for any loss or damage to your records, and our liability insurance coverage is up to $3,000,000. It is generally a simple process to add our location as an additional location on your insurance policy.

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Switching to Superior Data Storage

Q: I am currently using another records storage company, but I will be fined if I terminate my service in order to switch to Superior Data Storage. Can you help with this?

A: We would love to be your sole records storage company, so we are willing to discuss reimbursement options for your termination charges. Please call our office or schedule an appointment to discuss this option.

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